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Brazilian Bikinis

Brazilian Bikinis: start your beachwear collection now!

Yes, you can have your name/brand on these beautiful bikinis. NO ADDITIONAL COST!

The best conditions to start your own beachwear collection! 100% made in Brazil! 

We are a brazilian swimwear company established since 1991 in Sao Paulo. All the process and materials are made in Brazil.



We only use high quality materials – original Lycra – and have some options for biodegradable lycra fabrics; 100% made in Brazil; exclusive prints options available, which means EXCLUSIVITY; metal pieces (accesories) receives a special treatment so it doesn’t oxidize or heat up when in the water/sun; exclusive styles and non mass production; no start-up restrictions.

Private Labeling – Sell the bikinis with your own name/brand


Minimum order: 80 styles in any mix of styles, colors and sizes.

Label with your brand: if you already have it, you can send to us. If not, we can produce it for you. In this case, you have to send us the artwork (in PDF or PNG).

For the same minimum order, you can ask us to remove all tags, labels and hygienic protection sticker which have Mar Egeu’s name on it. In this case we are going to attach a generic label on the pieces, with informations for: composition, care instructions and size

To have access to our pricelist and more information, send an e-mail to: [email protected]

If you want to create your own collection, send an e-mail to [email protected] (subject: create my beachwear collection).


Wholesale – Mar Egeu brand

If you don’t live in Brazil, we won’t ask for a minimum order on your first purchase, so feel free to choose any style, color and size of bikini.

After your first purchase, the minimum order will be for 25 styles (mixed styles, colors and sizes).

Click HERE to check our bikinis collection.

How to buy

Send an email to: [email protected] and ask for our pricelist (which is also an order form).

With our pricelist in hands you’ll be able to choose your favorite styles and send back to us, so we can check availability. Everything that we have in stock will be saved for you.

NEWLY ADDED!! About discount (only if using Mar Egeu label – doesn’t qualify for non branded and private label):

5% on orders over 100 styles, 10% on order over 300 pieces and 15% for order of at least 500 pieces.


We accept: credit card, Paypal and International Wire Transfer.


Sshipping can take up to 5 business days (only if you are in North America – 2 business days, Europe and Australia – 5 business days). If you are live another region, please, send an email asking about delivery time.

Due to our 10 years of partnership with FEDEX, we can offer you the best prices on priority and economy shipping.

For more informations about duties and taxes, please, check the following link:

I really hope that these informations have helped and look forward to hearing from you.

Feel free to contact us via e-mail or calling directly to 551 198 139 57 28 (international calls only).



  Q&A – Questions and Answers


About Mar Egeu | Brazilian Bikinis

We are a brazilian swimwear company, established since 1991. We are located in Sao Paulo, capital city, at Rua Oriente 714.

Every year we sell more than 50.000 pieces of swimwear all over the world. Our main clients are located in US and Australia, although we have sold to more than 60 countries.

You can contact us via e-mail, Skype or phone ( 55 11 98139 5728). You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter, PinterestGoogle Plus and Youtube.

I still don’t know who you are and am really concerned about doing business with Mar Egeu | Brazilian Bikinis. What else can you say or do to prove that you are not a fraud?

We are a serious company and won’t need too much to prove it. We have several clients all over the world, official documents from brazilian government, official website, Facebook fan page with more than 5000 likes. Also, if you have an Iphone, we can set a day and time and make a call using Facetime so we can show you our staff and store.

Why should I buy Mar Egeu | Brazilian bikinis and one piece?

Brazilian bikinis is known worldwide. The most famous swimwear brands comes from Brazil.

Brazilian bikinis have changed the swimwear industry. Movie stars, top models and fashionistas love the cut and design of brazilian swimwear.

Besides that, we offer 100% refund in case you don’t like your bikinis. All you have to do is send an e-mail telling us why you want to return the swimwears, ship it back to us and when it arrives, we’ll refund you in 100%.

I don’t believe this is true. How can I be sure about that?

Well, this is simple. On your first purchase, use Paypal and be 100% sure that you can have your money back. Click HERE to read Paypal’s refund policy.

 What should I do to start selling your brazilian bikinis and one piece?

Some of our clients started with big quantities but we recommend that you start with at least 25 styles, so you can check our quality and be able to show to your potential clients. If you still think 25 styles are too much to start, feel free to make an order for as many styles as you want. We don’t want you to lose money. We also support a conscious entrepreneurship.

Read here a great article about “New Wealth Mindset for the Conscious Entrepreneur”.

You have too many styles and I have no idea which one I should order. Can you help me?

Of course we can! You can start selecting the ones you like the most and think will please your clients.

Still, one of the best way to start is sharing the images of our collections with your family and friends.

We can also help you selecting the best sellers swimwear.

Do you sell bikinis separates?

No, we only sell the set (top + bottom).

I find your prices higher than others.

Well, if you want to buy high quality brazilian bikinis, we can assure you that our price is not that high.
We use the finest fabric for swimwear; we’re a brazilian company that follows Brazilian tax and labor laws; we don’t employ child labor; we
provide support and total refund if you are not satisfied with our quality. And remember that on your first purchase we don’t ask for minimum order.